Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surigao Escapade: Enchanted River

The long and much awaited trip we were planning came to reality last May 22, 2011. About 1:00AM, we, the BoB and friends made our way to Surigao before the summer ended. Here are some of the pictures to share, first is Enchanted River in Hinatuan.

First pit stop is in Tagum Jolibee where Richard and Ma'am Mish are waiting for us. While on the road, I find their road lights very interesting. It is like a path that guides and lights us to our destination. The long stretch of yellow lights are simply beautiful, I manage to take a picture from the van we rented, it is a bit blur. Heheh.

We also stopped in San Franz to fetch Vice, our tour guide since he already been to Hinatuan. Vice's family live in San Franz and he went back to their home so we can simply grab him along the way.

This pic was taken in Barobo, I forgot who told me but he/she said its the boundary between Surigao and Agusan. We stopped hre because the driver had a little rest with coffee and bread after hours of driving.

And we finally arrived at Enchated River, Hinatuan. First thing to do is to pay the entrance and reserve a cottage, table or something. When we arrived there, there were already few families there. They are having their breakfast there. After eating our breakfast, we all go to the river and swim to the clear salted water of the said enchanted river.

Enchanted River - Flowing Giant Aquarium

You might wonder why I am still dry while my friends are already in the water, I personally made a pit stop...in the toilet. LOL. After eating a lot for breakfast, my stomach simply got full so before I went swimming, pit stop first. LoL.

Angelo, the one nearest to me is a big guy but not that tall. He has a life vest but has a fear in water, he jumped to the water with Richard and was suppose to go to the other bank of the river. But in the middle of the river, Angelo panic because he cannot reach the river floor and he thinks he's going to drown. They both call me for help. Angelo grab my hand and pulled so he can float, but was not aware that he has a life vest on. And I told myself that this guy is really afraid of the water(deeper than his height, i guess). After this, Vice and I gave Angelo some tips on how to float and swim a bit with a life vest on. 

They are resting, got tired of flapping their hands and kicking their feet. It is not noticeable but the guy in white shirt, Cane, is already vibrating(shivering) even though the water is not that cold. I think it is because he is thin that he easily gets cold coz I was like that also before when I was as thin as him. Heheh. 

She is Mary Cindy Joyce Bueno, Teacher Cindy for short. Heheh. My girlfriend has her period so she can go to the water, else the water will changed to color red or violet. LOL. She was the one taking pictures while I am busy swimming. Heheh. She also takes care of our other valuables like cameras and money. Thanks a lot to her. 

This boat (bangka) is made from a tree trunk, I forgot what we call this kind of boat but i know who it is made. This is one of the ancient way of building a boat as what my father told me before. 

We are on our way to our next adventure in Surigao. We are on our way to the boats rental that will take us to other Islands and other places near the enchanted river.

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