Monday, December 31, 2012

Gelatin, Three Birds in One Stone

Do you like gelatin/jelly? Well, I do. When I was younger, almost every celebration we have, we prepare gelatins for deserts. It is because it’s very easy to prepare. Well, we are not cooking some high-end super special desert so it’s just easy to prepare.

You might wonder why it’s hitting three birds in one stone when making gelatins for deserts during any celebrations. First, let’s dive a little on how we prepare our recipe and I’ll tell along the way why and how it is so.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pinoy Dainty: Suman

For the past days, this delicious Pinoy food has been saving me from my hunger. Actually, it's my breakfast already. I buy some after I go to church for misa de gallo (dawn mass). This dainty's main ingredient is white glutinous rice and wrapped with banana leaves. I know how to cook Suman but I prefer not to use or discuss our recipe. ahaha. But the main process is cook the rice, when it's about to be cooked, take the pot away from the fire and let it cool a bit. Then prepare the banana leaves and wrap the rice with it. After wrapping, cook it again in a boiling water so it will surely be cooked, then it's done. ahaha. It's a tedious recipe to cook actually but the result is 100% delicious snack or breakfast. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

8th Anniversary

8th years ago, it was December 14 when I got me a girlfriend! ahaha. And yesterday, we went to a restaurant to have some dinner. We went out coz it's our anniversary and the mall is having some sale, till midnight!. So there we were, ordered some chicken combo meal since it's our first time in that restaurant. We don't want to freak out with what we ordered and end up not liking the food they served. ahaha. After I ordered the cashier gave me our order number and it's #14. I laughed coz it was 14, so my girlfriend was confused. So when we settled in our table I hand her the number. She just smiled. And we started taking some pics of it. When the food was served I was gonna took some pics also but then I thought of the posts in the internet about taking pictures before eating them and uploading it to instagram. lol.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Black Forest Cake

I'm not really a big fan of cakes but when I tried Black Forest, well, nothing a lot have changed. heheh. But in all fairness this is the tastiest and delicious cake I ever have. Especially that it's free, courtesy of my Aunt. I'm not sure if all Black Forest taste the same though. I'm sure there are variations and factors that may affect its taste. But as for this Red Ribbon Black Forest cake, and take note, it is free. It is significantly mouth-watering and makes my sweet tooth returned again. Surely, one of this days if there will be a special occasion I'll buy one of these. 

Now speaking of cake, I wonder how will I be able eat it for free again. ahaha

Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Summer Escapade: Davao - Ilo-ilo - Boracay

I'm not sure if it's still a summer escapade, as per PAGASA's report we already entered the rainy season days before our flight. Anyway, even with typhoon Ambo lurking in north of the Philippines we still pursue our vacation to Boracay! Well, we have our flights and rooms booked so its a big waste not to come just because of Ambo. heheh. In our vacation there are lots of firsts that happen, not only for me but also for some of my company, especially my girlfriend.

Davao Airport to Ilo-Ilo Airport
I have to sleep in my girlfriend's house the night before our flight because we are worried about her safety going to the airport alone, because our flight is early and we have to be in the airport 2 hours before our flight. We ride a taxi to the airport, when we arrive there its still so early. After a long time, I finally get back in Davao airport. I think the last time I am in the airport is I am 7 years old and I am with my father watching a big plane taking off. After lining up for some safety check ups we enter the main lobby of the airport where we meet the rest of our company. Most of them are in the academe, teaching IT related subjects. Our good friend Frans is also with us. He is the tour guide since he already been to Boracay. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Hair No More

"This is it, lets take some last pics of Mr. Long Hair"
"Back View"
At the salon:
"Magpaputol ka Sir? Unsang cut?"

"2X3? Kanang mubo?"

"Sure ka Sir?"


"Naga banda2 ka Sir?"

"Ahh, tag-as diay buhok ang programmer."

Scaling to how long he'll cut the hair at the back so it can be used as a wig.
Last glance of my long hair. lol

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Dady Long Legs

Happy 24th birthday to me! Ahaha. Too old for parties, too old for gifts(but expecting one from Mamy hihih) and too old for 'handaan'. These previous years, thats how my birthday is spend at home with family. Sometimes I celebrate with friends but not on the same date.

Last night, I happen to went to bed a bit late. Played GDOnline and told my self 'you have an hour Khatniss'. Khatniss, my weak archer character was derived from my previous post. So weak she can't even change job yet. Lol. After an hour it was bed time. Zzzzz.

There seemed to be no dream i could remember. Suddenly here comes a shake on my leg calling my name 'kuya-kuya', my younger sibling woke me. I was lieing on my belly then turn my face around a bit and told her, 'what!' irritability because maybe of lack of sleep. When i tried to find her to see what she was up to there was a chorus greeting me. I was surprised, secs later i managed to smile. Te Tata and and Wella were on my bedside holding a 'tag peso candle'. It was lit so i raised my body up and about to blow it when Wella emphasized they're gifts. Weeeeeeeeee! I have a Batman party hat(awesome!), which Te Tata bought for her son. A cake(small one), which is a cupcake actually but still a cake. And lastly a balloon(perfect!), a blue one and my favorite color. Then i remember that was for Te Tata's son also. Moreover, Wella was the one who bought that and it not for birthdays. We laughed about it before because what's written on the balloon was happy anniversary, what an epic fail for my sis. Ahaha. I burst to a good laugh and I'm sitting on my bed now blew the candle and tap Wella on the head. We were laughing while they exit my room. I think i did manage to thank them for birthday surprise. Hehe. Then i went back to sleep. When i woke up the first thing i did was take a pic of the gifts, with the balloon text away from the camera. Lol. 

More bdays to come! Thank you Lord! xat!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, among the many much anticipated movies of 2012 is now showing in all cinemas world wide. This is the first installment of the bestselling three book trilogy which is written by Suzanne Collins. The book itself is written in a first person perspective and focuses on the lead actress Katniss Everdeen. They live in District 12, a poor district which is under the ruling of Capitol. As a whole, the nation is called Panem (Latin word for Bread). Every year, the Capitol held an event which involved one male and one female from 12-18 years of age each district. The event is call The Hunger Games. Where participants have to battle by themselves till there will be a single player left to be crowned as the Victor. And that's where the whole novel will revolve. 

For more info, visit the official website of The Hunger Games. Or their youtube channel which has a very clever profile photo (Capitol Tv), there are lots of fun videos there about the movie.

After The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, here comes THE HUNGER GAMES. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fill Your Boots Man!

I happen to came across the phrase "Fill your boots man!" last month when my Girlfriend shared an audio recording of a prank call to me. Becky, an 8 year old girl from Dublin, asked a demolition company to destroy her school because her teacher gave her lots of homework during Fridays. The conversation was very hilarious, and as Becky about to end the call she told the demolition man "Fill your boots man!" Thats all for Becky, you can check this video in youtube if you want.

Now, FYI, in UK the phrase "fill your boots" means help oneself. There are other phrases that are same sound of the above phrase. But as how Becky used it I think she was telling the man to help himself fulfill the task she was asking him, to demolish her school.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crabs: Simply Deliciously Dangerous

Well, since then this is the best menu i always want. Sadly, we only have this occasionally because of it's availability and price(high,

Actually it's very easy to cook crabs like what's on the picture. But eating it is a bit tricky yet it's worth it. It's delicious and sweet meat never fails to make you want to eat more and more. But mind you, crabs are also dangerous for you. That is if you're allergic to it or you have a high blood problem. Crabs are very delicious that it's oozing with uric acid which is bad for our health if it's too much.

So if you have crabs and afraid to eat it, call me. lol

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Day of 2012

Here are the pictures of my family on the first day of 2012. From media noche where we welcome the new year till sunset with my girlfriend.

after the count down and it's feeding time!
let's eat! welcome the year with a feast for having a bountiful 2011