Monday, April 11, 2011

Yellow Gate Adventure Resort

There are lots of nice resorts here and near Davao City. Beautiful beaches, pools, nature parks and adventure sites. Since we always go to the beach and pools, last month we decided to go out to an adventure resort located in the middle of nowhere. Just kidding! We went to Yellow Gate Adventure Resort.

Yellow Gate Adventure Resort is owned independently by the Babao Estate Development Corporation. It is a 28 hectares mountain resort of a forested hills located in Marilog District of Davao City.

This mountain adventure resort has a rest house. The house has a fire place, best for warming purposes because of the cold foggy climate and the house is also equipped with other basic necessities for the visitors. Also they are currently constructing a pool which will be a heated one so visitors will enjoy more the cool windy foggy climate.

Now, if you happen to be from Davao City and you don't have a service to use to come to the resort, it is best to ride a bus. The travel will take you about two hours from Ecoland Bus Terminal. The fare is PHP80.00, that is if you are a student and you do not forget your ID for discount. All bus drivers or conductors know the place so you can simply ask them to drop you there. Of course you have to remind them from time to time so they don't forget, else you might end up wondering to Cagayan de Oro or somewhere you're not suppose to.

The resort's scenic views and green mountain forest surroundings is best for many wonderful outdoor adventures. Some of these adventures the resort can offers are as follows:
  • Zip lines
  • Hiking & walking trails
  • Mountain biking trails
  • Caving
  • Challenge course
  • Trail running
  • Rappeling

Promo Rates:
  • ROOMS (GOOD FOR 2-3) = 700.00
  • ATTIC (capacity OF 30 pax, FLOOR CUSHIONS) = 250/HEAD
  • ZIP LINE = 300/HEAD
  • CAVING = 100/HEAD
  • GASUL USE = depending on the number of pax

One thing I love about this place is the windy cold climate. The wind is strong, cold and the surroundings are so green. Suited to be tagged as a very peaceful place to relax and unwind. Hopefully you can also visit there so you'll know how it feels.  



chookiroh said...

i guess it will be best if you're gonna me here. hehehe

Golden Retriever Master said...

Greetings, I kiss your ad. Ki$$ mine too please

kenneth said...

pila kaya tanan2 magasto per person dari john?apil transpo, foods etc.

Dady Long Legs said...

@ken, its up to you regarding the food.
transpo = 200(from ecoland)
zipline = 300(2 lanes)
caving = 100
Total = 600

i'll surely visit you..thanks!

Glayra said...

wow! auza ani uie! kung makaresign nako by MAY muadto jud ko ani sure jud!!!!!!!!

Dady Long Legs said...

@glay, cagayan na rural imong sakyan..^_^

Yaumil said...

blogwalking n ki$$ ur ad. Please vi$it mine.....

elphie said...

Hi, got a contact no. For reservation? Pls..thanks

John Wilson Lee said...

try this FB page

it's under new management now.


elphie said...

Thanks sir..more power