Friday, April 15, 2011

Zipline Adventure at Yellow Gate Davao

Zipline adventure was the main reason I went with my friends to Yellow Gate Adventure Resort. When we arrived and entered the resort, the first thing I noticed was the zipline platform. It was like a balcony with two cables connecting something to somewhere on the other hill. After a few minutes of chatting near the entrance and taking photos of the green, swinging and solemn scene we proceed to the rest house's living room for registration or autograph signing something.
Zipline Platform/Balcony
Safety Gears
After gearing up and autograph
On our way to the balcony
While some of us were busy signing the autograph or waiver, there were also some who were starting to geared up for the zipline. Of course, we have to wore some safety gears as an SOP(sure, okay pal) since we were from the city unlike Tarzan. Hehehe. So we wore a short like harness, which reminded me of the feeling of wearing an adult diaper when I was hospitalized years ago. Hehehe. Also a helmet, which I really do not understand its purpose because we were suspended for about hundred meters and I don't know if that would help us if we fell down or something. Hehehe. Anyway, those gears were protocol so there okay. Oh, maybe the helmet was to protect people from hitting their head to the strap that connected the zipper(person trying the zipline) and the pulley. If so, then the zipper must be a certified dumb*ss since there was like 99% posibility that the strap would not made contact with your head since the strap was connected on the belly button part of the harness. Anyway, those were for our safety, so good to have them. Hehehe.
Almost at the platform
Handsome, on the balcony, me!
Final check
Two cables and the other side
Yellow Gate has two, not just one pair of zipline platform or as I call it, balcony. They have four balconies or two zipline lane, two balconies for each lane. So after we wore the safety gears we went to one of the balconies. The balcony was made up with steel and the foundation was concrete, so it was that solid. Hehehe. Now, Yellow Gate's zipline infrastructure was considered as one of the safest line in town. They have two cables for each lane. So a zipper is connected by a strap from his/her harness to the first pulley mounted on the lower cable, then that first pulley was then connected to the second pulley by another strap. The second pulley was also mounted to a cable same as the first one but in a different cable, the higher cable. According to the instructors who assisted us or as I call them Kol, short for uncle. Hehehe. Those two cables were strategically used so that if in case the other cable would break, there would be an immediate backup cable. But what if the strap that connected the zipper and the first pulley break? Hehehe. My answer would ambulance. LOL. So the first lane would brought us to the other hill.
Zip-zip and away! Oops, strong wind coming! Aa! Stopped!
Can't clearly see where I took off
The instructor who hooked me cause I feel short. LOL
Getting ready for a new comer!
Since I'm the tallest among the rest that time I went to try it first. I set my digicam so I would have a video of the trip. Unknowingly, I set it to a super closeup mode(zoom in - max) so the video was almost all face. Hehehe. As I was about to reach the other balcony that time, there was this strong wind coming from the other direction and hit me. So my speed went down and I was not able to reach the landing platform or the balcony. So one of the waiting instructor fetched me while I was hanging, slowly moving away from the balcony and hoping to go back from where I start so I can setup the video setting again. Wew. So the instructor who fetched me hooked me with a rope then the remaining instructor pulled that rope so I can go down from there. Then minutes later my friends arrived too but they reached the landing platform unlike me. Hehehe. After a few pictorial session, we went to the second lane which would brought us back to the other side. Else we had to go down the hill and walk back, and that would be so adventurous but tiring. LOL.
Pictorial Session!
Moving up to the other Zipline lane.
Anne on the lines! woooosshhhhh!
Pictorial before the take off.
Pictorial Session when we all got back from the other side! "..for the yearbook?"
Now on our way back, since I was the first to go earlier, that time we decided that I should then be the last to  zip back. That way they could take a video of my landing! Hehehe. BTW, some of my friends, one of them my girlfriend were not in the right weight to go solo. So as they go solo on the zipline on our way back they did not reach the landing platform for the lost their speed along the way because of the lack of weight. They experienced what I had earlier that time. Hehehe. Then after we all were on the other side, it was pictorial time again. LOL. Then we went back to the rest house to have our lunch on that very cold breezy weather at Yellow Gate Adventure Resort after an awesome zipline experience.  

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