Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grilled Pork with Radish

I did a last minute decision yesterday when my mother asked me on what we would be having for our dinner that night. Normally, I do request for any viand with soup or we call is "sabaw". I dunno why but i always eat more when we have soup on the table. Maybe it does help in swallowing the food. It's easier to swallow the rice though when there's a little tasty liquid with it or soup. But the situation yesterday was quite different, we lack time for preparation that is. So i went to have a look what we have inside our ref. Then I saw lots of onions and the first thing that came to my mind was grilled pork! Weird, but that's how it was. So i went out to and bought about half kilo pork then my mother grilled it. I also bought some radish to garnish our meal. After about half an hour, we have our very delicious Grilled Pork with Radish.

Now, you may wonder what's the connection of the onion and grilled pork and radish. Actually, our family loves to mix our sauce and grilled pork in one dish. Other people call it "Kilawin", but i don't cause plain pork is not the ideal meat to use for that dish. That is my opinion only. Maybe some other time i can also blog about it. So, regarding the onion thing, our dipping sauce is the one with onion on it. I, personally do this dipping sauce almost all the time. I chopped onions and tomatoes, then mixed them with soy sauce and vinegar. After that, add some chili, and pinches of salt and powered pepper. Slice some calamondin or calamansi then squeeze and mixed to soy sauce vinegar mixture. Now make sure that the whole mixed sauce would be enough that there will be extra for dipping when it is poured or mixed with the chopped, grilled pork. Normally, after the pork is grilled its dry. So, that sauce will be absorbed by the meat, thus making it juicy again. Also, I almost forgot about the crushed ginger, it adds a very good aroma when soaked in the hot(when the pork is still hot, the sauce would also be heated a bit) sauce. Now, when we have this in our meal, after eating I always have this after effect due to the presence of the onion. Cause I dunno again what is with it but I love the taste of onion with moist rice, tasty and juicy grilled pork, semi-spicy and sour sauce and quite crunchy radish. Wew, that makes me hungry just describing it. Here are some of the pictures, by the way.

  • Pork, stomach area is the best 
  • Radish, chopped in thin circular slices
  • Onions, makes your breath smells eww..hehe
  • Calamansi, this can replace vinegar
  • Chili, hot! hot!
  • Ginger, aroma
  • Soy Sauce, main sauce
  • Vinegar, sour taste(optional)
  • Pepper, powder is recommended, crushed will do also
  • Salt, if the soy sauce is not that salt enough or very sour

  • Grill the pork. Chop it after.
  • Mix them all up! The taste it, if it's fine then EAT! And have a BAD BREATH!

Featurre Filipino Word
Sabaw or Soup


Anonymous said...

nom nom. :)

Anonymous said...

that's "dinak dakan"...ehehe

Dady Long Legs said...

Guy, ur names will be much more appreciated.. but thanks for dropping by..^_^

Anonymous said...

i never tried this before... the radish thing gives me hesitations. ho3. but i will :D