Sunday, August 15, 2010

Typical Sunday Routine

For us Filipinos, Sunday normally is for family day. Families go to church, eat together, do some recreational activities and also relax. After all of the days of work, we relax during Sundays.

As for me, I do too do the same. Of course if important work deadlines don't get on my way. But typically I also follow the same pattern as all Filipinos or Pinoy do. Now in my case I start my Sunday routine welcoming Sunday itself. That is I stay late during Saturday nights, sit on my chair, sometimes surfing the internet and waiting for sleepiness come and get me. I do normally see or watch my clock as it shifts from 12 to 0, and that marks the start or "simula" of my typical Sunday.

After a hour or so, I'll be off to bed and take a very nice sleep. About more than 8hours of sleep would be great for me, to coup up with those busy weekdays with work. So i usually wake up before 11am then have something to eat. After which, i'll help do some house chores, cook for lunch or sometimes just sit down and watch TV with my family. Then when 12noon strikes, its feeding time for us. After we eat, I will then prepare for church time at 1pm. Either with my family or with my girlfriend. Then me and my girlfriend would go somewhere, strolling on the mall, go to parks or either go to their house or our house for dinner. If we'll be at our house during dinner i do accompany my girlfriend when she go home to their house.

After that, i'll go back home and sleep again. Taking some rest for a working week ahead. And that's my typical Sunday routine. i dunno if I really did have some rest but sleeping 8hours+ is one hell of a good rest for me. Hahaha! Because during weekdays I can't have enough sleep and i dunno why. hahaha.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Feature Filipino Word
Word: Tulog (to-log)
Meaning: Sleep, go to sleep.
Example: After that, i'll go back home and tulog again.


Anonymous said...


i hate sundays.

i hate sundays because monday comes after it.

all i do during sundays is that i sleep and hope monday never comes.

Dady Long Legs said...

Thanks for dropping by..^_^

it would be nice if you could introduce your self..


The Rice Creator said...

wew thanks john for the visit and follow my blog.... atay murag ako man giluod sa akong comment oi.... formal ayo pati imoha sa akong comment.... ehehe!

Dady Long Legs said...

Rice or Ker, dont be shy man..heheh..btw, i think its nice to full document your art maybe record it, video of others may appreciate the long agonizing hours you spent creating them..^_^