Thursday, August 26, 2010

How about Squid and Pork with Vegetables for dinner?

I had a very fine diner today. Thanks to my mother, I always have. Now for our menu for our dinner, Ginisang Squid and Pork with Vegetables. By the way, the Pork was what was left from our morning meal. We normally do not cook during lunch. My mother cooks our meals during morning to be enough to reach for our lunch also, that is what we call budgeting 101. She cooks extra amount of viand and even rice.

Ginisang Squid

Pork with Vegetables

I did placed the squids on top of the rice and separate the vegetables in another small bowl. I eat the squid with rice, then after that I eat the vegetables alone. I just love these vegetables, I love eating them. Cheers!

Feature Filipino Word
Gisa is a way of cooking. For us, Gisa or Ginisa is making use of onion and garlic. First is add oil to a hot pan. Then add the garlic, when its in golden color you can now add the sliced onions.

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