Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drunk Passenger

Today is not a regular day for the passengers riding a Talomo public utility vehicle. To think its 3 in the afternoon, its very unusual to find a drunk man that is almost unable to determine if he is still alive or not. I don't know where he come from and what amount of alcohol he take but one thing is for sure. He is flat dead asleep on a jeep going nowhere. Ahahah. Every person coming in the jeep would think trice or more if they're gonna pursue riding that jeep. Every person that sees the sleeping drunk man in the middle of the path screams at the back of their minds saying "Holy Mother of Drunkards!! What the hell is that man doing there!?". Of course seeing a laying man in the ground and not moving, one would surely think like this, "Omg, is he dead?! I should take the next jeep instead!!".

Ahahahah. Luckily this man didn't vomet during our trip. Whew! Else i'll be super troublesome considering i am the one in front of him. I will surely catch all the ewness he'll throw. Ahahahah.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Biko with Leche flan

For me its weird to see a traditional Pinoy delicacy paired with a saucy desert. Its weird but taste like heaven. lol I first tasted this when Ate Nene's relatives brought this for the blessing of their house months ago. Sadly I was busy eating other food that I did not had the chance to appreciate it.
But this week Te Nene gave me 2 slices me it. She must have got it from her father's birthday. Even though its not good for me that time because of my soar throat, i still indulge in it. And its very delicious indeed.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunrise View in Sea Wall

My cousin Allan and his pregnant wife asked me to guide them to Sea Wall to have a little walking exercise. They are not from Davao so i was a big help for them. But on the way to Sea Wall, i got confuse of the way because we took the other route. heheh. After few minutes wd arrived at the place, this wonderful scenery caught my eyes. Instantly, that moment i regret that i did not brought my camera with me. But its okay since i have Ace with me.

Note: next time wear the freaking shoes! Stupid! ahaha

Saturday, November 5, 2011


This is my first post on my blog using a mobile and an Android App. I kinda miss my blog so i feel like creating a new post since it's been a while since the last time i created one. But now, since i got a new mobile in which i can write post from anywhere when i want to, i hope this will make my blogging drive return. heheh. Hopefully though. Also thanks to the Bloggeroid, i think this will really make my blogging experience more exciting and more fun, not to mention more mobile. hhehhe. Hopefully this Android App will surely be the key to make me find the lost interest i had with blogging. Cheers!!