Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dengue = Water Therapy, Durian and Tawa-tawa

Dengue Fever is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes mostly occurring in the tropics. It is a life-threatening disease that is currently been attacking people from all ages here in the Phillipines. Most common victims are the children. 

Even me, I suffered from this horrible silent killing disease brought to us by mosquitoes. When I was admitted to the hospital, I felt very weak and somewhat lost my appetite. Also before going to the hospital, i think it was about 3-4 days that I had an on and off high-fever. What's funny about it was during my working hours I felt very fine. So when my girlfriend knew about my on-off fever, she told me to drink lots of water so i wont be dehydrated because we already suspected that i had a dengue. So I did continue the water therapy even when I was admitted. 

When I was in the hospital, my 2 other roommates there also was diagnosed with dengue. One was very critical who had a 4 platelet where in the normal was 150 up and the other one was just same as mine, not that low in platelet count. Their families advise us to let me eat some anti-dengue fever foods. One of them was the Tawa-tawa tea. ewww. I already knew about this tea cause I was hospitalized with dengue before and this tea made me even more sick with just having a small zip. Even though they said it could be very rewarding and could make me recover faster, whew, I really refused taking it. Even smelling it I felt like throwing up already. Plus! My doctor said some of this tea could make a patient acquire diarrhea so I had a very concrete reason not to have a dose of that deadly alternative med.   

The next item they want me to eat was durian. Durian by the way is a very delicious fruit native here in Davao City. During the time when I was in the hospital, that was inline with durian season. Lots of durian vendors along the streets with very reasonable prices. So I told my self, "there, thats what I like". So I told my sister about that too and she planned to buy some durian outside immediately. While I was having lunch that day, I over heard the nurse telling the other patient, "know what, Durian is not allowed here inside the hospital cause its smell is very strong." Damn! There goes my favorite. There goes the food I wanna eat even I kinda lost my appetite. Whew! So, after the nurse left the room the other person attending to my roommates said, "nah, we can always sneak in some durian meat guys don't worry too much". And immediately, I texted my sister to hide it when they get in. Hahaha. So, when my sister came back she had this 3 durian seeds, coated with very rich and delicious smelly meat inside a small transparent cellophane. And I enjoyed it even I still want more. Hahah. 

Now, if ever you will suffer from dengue or on-off fever try this combination: 
Drink Lots of Water

Take Paracetamol for Fever

Eat Durian

Have some ewww Tawa-tawa Tea

And Eat A Lot!


Awie said...

bro, i tot durian and paracetamol cannot go together... hahaa

The Rice Creator said...

GATORADE can also help! Hehe!

Dady Long Legs said...

Come what may!!Ahahah..Even The Rice Creator eat Durian when he got Dengue fever..heheh.

Gatorade is part of water therapy since water therapy is more on liquids. ehehe.. Have you tried Magic Balls?? They say its like Tawa-tawa times 3 Ewwness..heheh

Anonymous said...

dli pwde durian kng init kaau ang kalintura kay mo samot ang ka init