Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midnight Snack: Balut

Phee.. phooot.. phee.. phot.. pheee.. phoooot..

Whew, I really dunno how to put the sound of the rubber horns these balut vendors use into words but its something like that. By the way, about a week ago, I started buying balut outside of our house. Everytime I hear the sound above, I go out and wait for the vendor to come back to buy some. I normally buy about 2 or 3 baluts then I will go back to our house and eat it there. Some folks eat balut in the streets where balut vendors are. They cracker the egg shell open the put a pinch of salt or add coco vinegar with chili and spices then eat it. But me, i prefer salt and balut only.

Now, earlier about 11:30pm PH time i heard the balut sound again. Since i'm a bit hungry I went out to buy. When I arrived outside near the street, i did not expect what i saw. Hahah. Three balut vendors were waiting for me. Wow! They really waited for me to come out at those time. Then the young boy vendor said, "sir sa akoa baya ka ning palit tong isa ka adlaw". Its like he wants me to buy his balut over those two other vendors but those two older balut vendors also wanted the same. Hahaha. That was weird for me, so i decided to buy 3. One balut from each of the vendor. As I was going back to the house, the young boy shouted, "sir! ugma sa akoa nalng palit beh?!". Hahaha, he wants me to solely buy from him in case those other vendors are around next time. Wew! His job must be very hard for him. But after that, I enjoyed my 3 baluts and hungry stomach solved! Now some insights to what balut is.

Feature Filipino Word
Word: Balut
What is that: Balut is usually a fertilized duck egg with a slightly-developed embryo inside. It is boiled and eaten in the shell. Yummy!


The Rice Creator said...

the yellow part only i eat! because the chicks is so yucky! ew! buwahah!

Glayra said...

dli ko mukaon ug balut jud... katong pinoy lang?

Anne Royce said...

I'm a Filipino but I've never had balut before D:

strawhat said...

penge nman yn...