Monday, April 4, 2011

Mamy's Photo + PhotoScape's Objects = Funny Pic

I've been watching some PhotoScape video tutorials from Youtube last night and encountered a howto that involves rain, water droplets and a shivering effect. I was scanning my photo collections on my drive and I was not able to find something similar with on what the video had. So I decided to look for some faces instead. Something looking straight in front and the whole face was displayed. I was suppose to use April's photo from my older post that would be too much publicity for her so I have to look for another one. Now I found a photo of mine, all the requirements were deliberately met but since since I will be making a bit fun of the pic its a bad idea cause I'd be making fun of myself (EVIL LAUGH >:D). And after that I saw my Mamy's cute photo and used it. I followed the tutorial and added my own touch on it. The result is still a cute photo of my Mamy but my mother find it funny that's why I added "funny pic" on the title. heheh.

No PhotoScape Objects....Yet


Cunning and Wanna Laugh Look
Okay, okay. I'm sorry I edited your cute photo with all those soon to be sun burn skin something, what so ever. But the result is still cute Mamy. BTW, you look like lechon. ^_^ *geezz, hope she'll not get mad if she sees*

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marcinjo said...

so you are making fun out of my beautiful face,huh.