Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wella's Graduation Day

After spending 2 years in tertiary level, 6 years in elementary level, 4 years in high school and 4 years in collage level my younger sister Wella has finally graduated! It is a very big relief for my father who is working hard for our education. Now, we will have some extra income to invest in some business to have more income. YEHEY!

My sister took Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in University of Southeastern Philippines where I also finished my bachelors degree. The commencement ceremony took place at Central Bank Convention Center last April 15, 2011. Around 8 am that day, my father arrived from a 22 hours of travel via bus from a remote area somewhere in Zamboanga Peninsula. Even if he was very tired and his body ached he still manage to escort my sister to the graduation ceremony.  

we put hair dye on my father's hair when he arrived coz
his hair were mostly white.. preparation for sis graduation 
Outside the reception area
Wella and my father(the escort)
My mother with sis and father..was not around coz i'm working
With Mama..
After the graduation ceremony we had a small dinner salo-salo to celebrate the accomplishment. My girlfriend and my sister's boyfriend were our visitor that night. We prepared some tasty foods for everyone.

Macaroni Salad
Crap(alimango), papa bought this on his way favorite!
Lechon Manok(rosted chicken, chokz 2 go..)...slurrrppp!!
My GF, sis's BF, sis, mama and papa..i'm on the camera..^_^
another view, my cousin wheng was in the room at the
Poor me, they were cleaning the table and im not yet done eating..haahha
what a facial


Glayra said...

the best au ang last pic john! :]

Kalile said...

Agree ko nimo, Glayra. :)

Dady Long Legs said...

They want me to stop kayo akong kalag

flaw di said...

lamia sa mga pagkaon oie :D

Congrats to your mama and papa, nkalampus njud mong duha :D

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James Malibiran said...

congrats sa imong manghud lee.. :D

hahahahaha! btaw glay.. epic jud.. >:)