Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Dady Long Legs

Happy 24th birthday to me! Ahaha. Too old for parties, too old for gifts(but expecting one from Mamy hihih) and too old for 'handaan'. These previous years, thats how my birthday is spend at home with family. Sometimes I celebrate with friends but not on the same date.

Last night, I happen to went to bed a bit late. Played GDOnline and told my self 'you have an hour Khatniss'. Khatniss, my weak archer character was derived from my previous post. So weak she can't even change job yet. Lol. After an hour it was bed time. Zzzzz.

There seemed to be no dream i could remember. Suddenly here comes a shake on my leg calling my name 'kuya-kuya', my younger sibling woke me. I was lieing on my belly then turn my face around a bit and told her, 'what!' irritability because maybe of lack of sleep. When i tried to find her to see what she was up to there was a chorus greeting me. I was surprised, secs later i managed to smile. Te Tata and and Wella were on my bedside holding a 'tag peso candle'. It was lit so i raised my body up and about to blow it when Wella emphasized they're gifts. Weeeeeeeeee! I have a Batman party hat(awesome!), which Te Tata bought for her son. A cake(small one), which is a cupcake actually but still a cake. And lastly a balloon(perfect!), a blue one and my favorite color. Then i remember that was for Te Tata's son also. Moreover, Wella was the one who bought that and it not for birthdays. We laughed about it before because what's written on the balloon was happy anniversary, what an epic fail for my sis. Ahaha. I burst to a good laugh and I'm sitting on my bed now blew the candle and tap Wella on the head. We were laughing while they exit my room. I think i did manage to thank them for birthday surprise. Hehe. Then i went back to sleep. When i woke up the first thing i did was take a pic of the gifts, with the balloon text away from the camera. Lol. 

More bdays to come! Thank you Lord! xat!



kha said...

happy bday DLL!


Glayra Bustamante said...

happy birthday! :)

rejserenity said...

hahahaha.! happy birthday.. epic fail yet still they have managed to give u smile.. :)