Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pinoy Dainty: Suman

For the past days, this delicious Pinoy food has been saving me from my hunger. Actually, it's my breakfast already. I buy some after I go to church for misa de gallo (dawn mass). This dainty's main ingredient is white glutinous rice and wrapped with banana leaves. I know how to cook Suman but I prefer not to use or discuss our recipe. ahaha. But the main process is cook the rice, when it's about to be cooked, take the pot away from the fire and let it cool a bit. Then prepare the banana leaves and wrap the rice with it. After wrapping, cook it again in a boiling water so it will surely be cooked, then it's done. ahaha. It's a tedious recipe to cook actually but the result is 100% delicious snack or breakfast. 

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