Saturday, December 15, 2012

8th Anniversary

8th years ago, it was December 14 when I got me a girlfriend! ahaha. And yesterday, we went to a restaurant to have some dinner. We went out coz it's our anniversary and the mall is having some sale, till midnight!. So there we were, ordered some chicken combo meal since it's our first time in that restaurant. We don't want to freak out with what we ordered and end up not liking the food they served. ahaha. After I ordered the cashier gave me our order number and it's #14. I laughed coz it was 14, so my girlfriend was confused. So when we settled in our table I hand her the number. She just smiled. And we started taking some pics of it. When the food was served I was gonna took some pics also but then I thought of the posts in the internet about taking pictures before eating them and uploading it to instagram. lol.  

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