Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Summer Escapade: Davao - Ilo-ilo - Boracay

I'm not sure if it's still a summer escapade, as per PAGASA's report we already entered the rainy season days before our flight. Anyway, even with typhoon Ambo lurking in north of the Philippines we still pursue our vacation to Boracay! Well, we have our flights and rooms booked so its a big waste not to come just because of Ambo. heheh. In our vacation there are lots of firsts that happen, not only for me but also for some of my company, especially my girlfriend.

Davao Airport to Ilo-Ilo Airport
I have to sleep in my girlfriend's house the night before our flight because we are worried about her safety going to the airport alone, because our flight is early and we have to be in the airport 2 hours before our flight. We ride a taxi to the airport, when we arrive there its still so early. After a long time, I finally get back in Davao airport. I think the last time I am in the airport is I am 7 years old and I am with my father watching a big plane taking off. After lining up for some safety check ups we enter the main lobby of the airport where we meet the rest of our company. Most of them are in the academe, teaching IT related subjects. Our good friend Frans is also with us. He is the tour guide since he already been to Boracay. 

Someone stole my seat.
I should be the one near the window. T_T
My GF's first flight, our first flight together and our first time leaving Mindanao.
Touch Down in Ilo-ilo Airport
Another first for me and my GF.
Time to travel by land to Caticlan Port
After a few minutes of waiting outside the airport, after some pictorials the van we contact arrived to fetch us and we are on our way by land.

Ilo-Ilo Airport to Caticlan Port
From the Ilo-ilo airport it is about 5 hours travel by land. But first, we look for a place to have breakfast since our flight is so early we miss our breakfasts. After breakfast the 5 hours travel starts in a rainy road to Caticlan. 
We are in the front seat. They are afraid to take this seat. lol
Our company. Funny people and loves to smile. Cheers!
Oh! Gina hiding. lol
When we arrive in Caticlan it's already pass 3pm and we didn't have lunch yet, still we go straight to the port bound to Boracay Island. Sadly I am very preoccupied with our luggage I forgot to take pictures when we arrive. I even miss the to take a picture of the front view of their seaport terminal. tsk2x. 

Caticlan Port to Boracay Port
We have to travel by sea now, by a FastCraft they call. The travel is about 5 minutes only. But the catch is the boat have to be filled before it departs. Here are some pics when we are going to the boat and when we arrive in Boracay.
The small boat is our ride and the island behind is Boracay(i think XD)

Touch Down! We are now in Boracay! Strong wind is so welcoming.
Happy faces!
From the port, we directly go to our hotel. We ride a tricycle to get there. Even though we just sit in the van and in the boat, we are tired. And also hungry. heheh. 

To La Carmela Hotel
I am surprise with what I see while we are traveling to our hotel. Narrow streets, 2 lanes only. It's been raining before we arrive and the streets are flooded, now a pleasant scene to see. But still lots of people are busy, not of minding the flood waters but their own businesses. Boracay is a very commercialized island, large amount of money are poured here everyday, or every hour maybe. Sadly, drainage is maybe not one of their priority. Anyway, time to rest, let's go to the hotel!

Yellow Cab, will perfectly fit in 2 lanes road.
No flood, YET. 
The Executive Wing on La Carmela de Boracay
They have 2 small pools, we thought this was the pool in the pictures. lol
The bigger one is in front of their restaurant.
Some of our company are fliptoping with the front desk officer at the moment. lol
After this we go to our rooms and rest for a while, forget about pictures amma rest, i'm tired. lol. By the time we want to go out and check out the beach and stores, it rain. T_T Pakyas. We then decide to try the hotel's buffet for dinner.

Wacky Trio
After dinner we head back to our rooms.
After a while, Vice, Mish, Mamy and Me go out to meet our friends who arrived ahead of us.
Checkout the flood, this is in D'Mall a place where lots of stores are located. 
Us, strolling in D'Mall. Flood, rain and strong wind!
Sadly our photographer is not use to taking pics at night,
only 2 pics are usable the rest are blur. heheh
After we meet with our friend we go to there place and have a little drink to compensate our walk in the rain, flood and strong wind. Then pass 1am, we head back to our hotel and have some rest for the day ahead. Water Sports watch out. XD

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