Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cosplay, Toys and Pizza at Gmall Davao

Last Sunday there were lots of young people gathered at the atrium of Gmall. The second Mindanao Toy Convention was again help there and this time I got a chance to see the last day on the said event. There were lots of toy displays as expected that ranges from the cutest to the sexiest. But on my opinion, last year had more displays of toys than this year. The Toy Convention also have a Cosplay competition as part of their program. I'm not really familiar with the competition but there were two classifications of entries that time, original and non-original characters cosplay. Most of the people who came there brought with them their cameras. As you would look around the atrium, you would see lots of flashes, nikons here, canons there, pose here, smile there and everywhere. The atrium that time looked like Bankerohan, Davao wet market from the above view. Hehehe.

The female on the floor is Rej, James' gf. She was too tired of standing for several hours. And she found a very nice place to sat on, at James' feet. Hehehe. Checkout the wooden sandals by the other guys, thats made up plywood, i think he only use recycled materials for that.

Eker, a friend of mine really love these toys. I'm sure he's dying to have one. LoL. He's a big Gorillaz fan, also sometimes looked like one. LoL.

And this is the most eye catching display for me, its very realistic.

This photo was taken by my gf Cindy, Iron Man looked taller here. heheh. But it's really not that tall at all.

EHEM! Now, these are my personal favorite among the displays. Heheh.

Now, after all the commotions in the atrium we got tired and James and Sards got hungry! Yeah! Me and my gf was suppose to took off but James and Sards invited us to eat. Of course, golf course, I did not refuse the blessing. Heheh. Two orders of Pizza and a coke tower and we were all solved! Thanks James and Sards, till your next treat again. LOL.


kenneth said...

wew.hehe kapaa sa ichigo na white oi.hehe nice post john! kalami sa pizza.

Glayra said...

agui nui, nindut na au unta ug sa dhang sa last parts kay censored na.. :]

Dady Long Legs said...

ahahah..dli man nah x glay...

thanks tells...libre na nila sards ug james ang pizza...busog au akong v2k ana nga time buh...hihihih

The Rice Creator said...

Weeeeeee! Gi features ko ni DLL!

Thanks a lot Doh! >:D

Pero wala gud nanakit akong hart wala ko gi invite sa pizza! T_T

James Malibiran said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa... si sards lang man nanlibre.. X.x nisabay lang man ko sa oya pag.order..