Saturday, May 14, 2011

Refreshing Watermelon

Want some? Watermelon is one of my favorite fruit during summer. The weather is hot and I easily get thirsty, so a nice slice of chilled watermelon is very relieving. It is also one of the best way to rehydrate during this hot season. Most of the time I am the one who do the honor of slicing the fruit. What I normally do is take about 1/4 slice of the whole fruit and then slice it into smaller pieces. But I will not eat from those slices, I cut a piece of mine from the 3/4 left. Hahahah. It is always me who will have a bigger slice among the rest. Besides, that is my prize for being the one who is slicing the watermelon for everyone. (greedylaugh)

Now, I have a way of eating watermelon, even my relatives and family notice it. As what they say, I am like having a coffee or a soup when I am eating a watermelon because of the sipping sound I am creating after I have a big bite from the slice. (big bite...hhaaab....heeiiiiiiipsh) I'm actually sipping the water from the piece I am biting. I have to do that because I do not like the fruit juice/water (I call it water since its a "water" from dripping to my fingers. Heheheh. Also when I finish eating, one can really distinguish which slice belongs to me because I always make sure that no red part of the fruit is remaining from the slice. It should always be the skin and the white meat of the watermelon left so that it is clean and nothing is wasted. Heheheh.


James Malibiran said...

ngayo ko lee.. :D

Melon said...

Haha. Nice one, lee. Ana pud ko mukaon usahay. Suyupon :))