Monday, May 16, 2011

GE X500

Early this year I saw GE X5 from Rated K show when they featured some cool new gadgets. The first thing that made me decide to wanna have one was its 15x optical zoom.  Second was about the cheap price, 10k pesos for a bridge camera. I told my self, "sorry ES60, you might have a rival soon." ES60 was a Samsung point-and-shoot camera I bought at Gmall last year, April 14 to be exact so I have a camera for my graduation. So since then, I kept on checking the web for infos about the said camera. I viewed reviews, specs list and sample images taken by the GE X5. By the way, the X5 is the first of its kind from GE, so I found some problems about it based from the review I read. And this product problems really lowered my expectations. So I decided to let go of the idea for having a new camera.

But last March 2011, as I was surfing the net and looking for some basic dictionary for photography terms I came a cross with GE X500 (searched aperture ge camera and from the model from a user's comment). Again, for the second time around, I got hooked to GE camera as I finish reading the specs of X500. I didn't find the previous problems with X5 in it and also there are some improvements compared to its older version. Almost all features and specs are still the same, even the look/design of the camera is the same. But the thing that I like about it that time was the 16 megapixel and the price is cheaper than of x5. Even though I really don't know what the 16mp is all about but I'm sure it was better than 14MP, right? hahah. So the feeling of wanting to have a GE camera came back again. And this time, I have the required resources. Heheh.

GE X500

By the way, last Saturday I bought one from Gmall. Heheh. My own GE X500, and here are some random pics. At the moment I'm in the getting-to-know period with my new camera. And to my ES60, don't worry I'll never dispose you, not unless there is someone who wants to buy you. LOL. Poor first digi cam, but you will surely not be trashed.

click image to enlarge, don't be shy..

green heart, auto test

aperture in san fransisco

Nanay Nitang, aperture jampong


@saint paul parish

saint paul parish

macro trial

water world panorama trial

beach scene trial

bad joe

closeup portrait

aperture testing

aperture chuchu


aperture again

father & child (vic sinco and his daughter, sam)

batch slide, zoom testing

moving object shoot scene



James Malibiran said...

nice shots lee.. :) panorama shot is the setting i love most in bridge cams.. nice bokeh in aperture priority too.. :)

>:) taka sa kanto pa.megrande, waterworld diay mo ato..hehehehe

Article King said...

nice ang tuko.. ajajaj.. pwede pd mupalit ani bai? naa pay mas cheaper ani, na closer lang sa specs ani?

Eric said...
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The Rice Creator said...

OMG! Abi nako nag review2x rah sa camera. Pag read more lagi nakapalit na diay! hahah! nice one lee! Regards lang ko sa tuko ampinga na intawon maayo pakauna maayo ayaw na hunahunaa imong sarili unaha patabaa ang tuko! lolz!

Dady Long Legs said...

@james, ty..heheh..naa diay timer ang X500 james..^_^

@Sir lang man ni Sir..

@eker, bayuta kah..dli na amoa ang tuko oi, ila cindy nah. mga 7-8 inches na kah?..

TY guys..

Article King said...

nakit an ra jud naku ni sa mall.. aajaj.. mag palit pud ko puhon ani bai huh,,, pwede?

Dady Long Legs said...

@Sir JLO, pwede kaayo oi.. puhon, barato nlang nah 4sure or naa nay bago na model na better pa ana..^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Man,

Great photos there. i was planning to buy this camera or the fujifilm s2950. does it have a feature called exposure? you know, the one used for light painting? if it has, how long? cause it already has the aperture which really looks great and the panorama. hope you could help me decide. thanks