Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bed to Tongson Village to NCCC Mall to Bed Again

When I woke up this morning, I was confronted by my mother. I got shocked because I was not yet in my right mind (still sleepy..*bed....more bed time..beeeedddd). Most of the things she told me and what was happening around us was not yet registering into my sleepy mind. Then I wash my face (hilamos), brush my teeth and drink about 2-3 glasses of water. Then it all sunk in to me. My mother wants us to come with her to the lot be bought because my Aunt Lala and Uncle Nonoy from Lebak, Sultan Kudarat was going to fetch us to go there with then. Without having breakfast, I go along with then! Yeah! It was a nice thing the my aunt and uncle brought with then their service, an Isuzu Trooper.

So we arrived at the Tongson Village where my other aunt Vic and uncle Arnold (Spo 3 Arnold Agosto) was there busy attending and working with the construction of their house. Here are some of the pics there.

under construction

Spo 3 Agosto

Te Vic

Kol Nonoy, Te Lala, Te Nene, Mama

Kol Arnold is very pumped up to finish his house

The Cook

Isuzu Trooper that needs to be pushed to start, KJ as Kol Nonoy said

Team Agosto

that dump of soil was out lot, not house yet. LOL

His right arm is wounded and wrist is swelling, due to motorcycle accident yesterday

From the Village, we then went to NCCC Mall Davao to have lunch there. Before we depart from the site, we first pushed the Isuzu Trooper because it won't start normally. Kol Nonoy called his service as "Kill Joy". Always broke when its time to go. LoL. 

Now, here are the pics when we arrived at the food court of NCCC Mall. It FEEDING time! Just pick your pick, everything is free thanks to Kol Nonoy and Te Lala! Yeehey!!

I'm at the background, ordering our food

feeding time


After the NCCC Mall we went in separate ways, Kol Nonoy went to Lasang to view some house and lots and we went home. When we arrived at home, I then took off my shirt and go to bed. I was lay down for a while cause I got tired of the hot weather. But I accidentally go to sleep. Hehehe. Syiesta time. By the way, I have not taken a bath today not after I can finish this post. LOL. Happy Blogging!

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