Thursday, May 19, 2011

Night at Seawall Davao

Last Tuesday Mamy, Gelo and me went to Seawall. Its like a park by the sea, its known for its every controversial giant statue of David. We went there to unwind a bit. Also I want to try my new cam. I wanna see how it performs under a low light scenery. Here are some of the moments I captured while strolling and taking picture at "tatwa dabid". 

don't be shy, pics are clickable..

bridge of lights

mamy and gelo


latay-latay sa bato

gold in the water

mga pogi boiz

flat crab

out of focus ang crab at ung bata..tsk3x but i love how gelo bent over

taklubi inig kahuman(cover it afterwards)

gelo's shoot

power ranger trio(tig spray, no arms, farm

son of the fisher man

tatwa dabid's food court, kwek2x..buko juice..pop balls

power ranger trio flying practice


darla said...

nice shots.....two thumbs up!!!!

through those well captured pics ....
i was then able to realize that the place might have been much fascinated with deep sense of inspiration...

well as you can see you BOTH have shown your handsome and beautiful smiles ^___^

James Malibiran said...

2nd pic for me.. :)

keep on shooting lee.. ^^

Dady Long Legs said...

@miss darla, maulaw man ta sa imong comment maam oi..thanks!..

@master james, i will, i will, i will! takdan jud ko sa imo

thanks guys!

Teacher Cindy said...

Abah, ako gud nagkuha anang 3rd ug last pic. heheh mura cla ug mga amao ug lukso-lukso. ahahah. peace dy.

kenneth said...

gusto jud ko mulaag dari, pero wa ko katuod asa ni dapit, or unsa akong sakyan if mag commute ko.hehe

anyways, nice shot john using your new cam.^^ laag ta BoB puhon dari.

Nice blog ^_^. Keep on Posting and clicking. >:)

Mish said...

nice pics. nice shots.
Unsa ni nga cam?

Personal Stuff

Dady Long Legs said...

Thank guys..

@maam, GE X500

The Rice Creator said...

Ahahha lingawa atong mga shadow oi! Heheh!