Friday, June 24, 2011

New Home at El Rio Subdivision, Davao City

2011 started really great for us. Financially we are slowly getting stable, my sister graduated from college and my father found a new business ventures. Recently my aunt from my mother's side constructed their house here in Davao City where their lot is beside ours. Another aunt of mine on my father side also have a lot near our lot or its adjacent to ours. When they visit here in Davao last month, they were looking for potential houses to buy so they'll have a house to live in when they are here. (Btw, they are from Sultan Kudarat and had a good business there so the just visit here.) Luckily, they might found the house at El Rio that time and decided to buy it.

Last week, my aunt from Sultan Kudarat with here son and her son's wife went here in Davao for a checkup and also to buy the house they found in El Rio. Now, since they just visit here from time to time there will be no one who will stay at their house when they were in their other house and managing their businesses. So they told my mother that they would want us to stay in their house so there will be someone to look after it while they are away. And it was a very major-major best idea ever! First is we will no longer pay for rent(less expenses for me..heheheh). Second is no more flooding, because the area is a bit sloppy and the house is a bit on top(for 7 year we lived in a place where flood always occur...T_T) Lastly, the place is 300% cleaner that the other houses we lived in, as in or maybe because the house was new. heheh. So here are some of the pics i took when we visit the house at El Rio which we are also living in right now.

Thanks a lot to my aunt and their family we can now start saving for our own house. Maybe after a year or so we can have our own house too. Not as beautiful and luxurious as this house but 100% our own is more than enough for us. Enough to make us happy. But for now, we will enjoy the blessing share to us by the Lord with the intervention of my aunt's family. ^_^

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