Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surigao Escapade: Sea Turtle(Pawikan) Encounter

This post is a continuation of my Surigao Escapade. The interval is a bit too long now but I still decided post it anyway because I believe it is a great experience to share here in my blog. I believe it is a once in a life time experience for some of us. So enjoy some of the pictures taken by my girlfriend Cindy while I'm very busy hunting(more on the sea turtles.

The pictures of the turtles above are from the fish cage where swimmers are not allowed to enter, aside from the first picture. The following pictures below are on the second cage where the wounded and use-to-people turtles are placed.

We decided to catches these two sea turtles since one of our boat guide told us that we can hold them if we catch them. On our first few struggles to catch even just one of these 2 shy turtles we fail totally. So we teamed up and kinda have some planning on how to trap the turtle. But our endeavors fell short for the turtles are masters of swimming and diving. The only time we can keep up with these turtles is when they grasp for air after a gruesome chase from us. They reach the surface of the water and breathe for air. By that time, the are exposed to us so that is our chance. But the problem is we the hunters are already exhausted by the time the turtles breathe for air. And once the turtle inhaled air, it quickly dives to the depths of the water to hide from us. So we are a bit hopeless that time. Luckily, our boat guides do the job for us. They are expert at this matter since most of their lives they spent it in the sea. heheh. So after a few minutes of chasing the turtles, they catch the two and we got the chance to hold and feel the powers of the turtles' body.   

Pawikan Hunters' Attack Formation

After I enjoyed holding and examining the turtle, I called my girlfriend down so she can also touch and hold it. Without any second thought, she climb down the stairs to grab the chance to touch a sea turtle.

After this encounter, I felt the effect after almost an hour intense diving and swimming, chasing the turtles. My shoulder would want to detach itself from my body, and it hurts. Whew. But then, that was the most enjoyable event during our Surigao Escapade. Cheers!

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