Thursday, July 21, 2011

Matina Aplaya Fiesta and Shiela's Pre-Birthday Celebration

Last weekend was a big weekend for Durante family. There were two things to celebrate that time, first was the fiesta of there area Matina Aplaya(i'm not sure if they were also affected by the flash flood) which fell on Saturday and the birthday of their only daughter Shiela which fell on Sunday.

Shiela was my classmate when I was in high school. We have been friends since then, and since then she and her family loves to invite people to come to their house during the fiesta of there area. Not only to celebrate the fiesta but also to celebrate the day they're daughter was born(even if its the next day). I forgot how many times I attended this celebration, but the I can still remember the things we have done before. First of course is the food. Lots of delicious unlimited foods! Next is the company, happy people who loves to talk, laugh and sing. Everybody is so game that what ever we will do they still participate(maybe because of alcohol This event also is one of ways that we, my friends got the chance to get together after not seeing each other for some time due to our different lives and busy schedules. So here are some of our happy faces last weekend at Shiela's crib.

Thanks to Shiela, almost every year we have a mini reunion with our classmates from high school. Yeah! Till next year Shing, Partey-partey!!


xinglexingoi said...

thank you for this john! heheh super thanks for the pictures and video...:) till next time..:)

Glayra said...

Kalingaw ani uie.... :]