Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Outing: Maxima Aqua Fun

We have been planning an outing for a long time now. And we want to try the adventure offered in Maxima Aqua Fun. I've been there twice already and I surely know my family will enjoy being there. On the new year's day, the day finally came for us to spend a joyous day in a place called "Home of Abyss". Enjoy some of our pics. ahaha.

Click it, don't be shy ^_^

There are two means of getting to this resort, by land and by sea(by this resort's owned boat). This boat leaves the Santa Ana port around 9:30am. When we all arrive in the port we were the last passengers to board before the boat left. This boat directly bring us to the resort, unlike the bus where after riding a bus we'll then transfer to a single motor cycle to go to this place.

Now, wear these. ahaha

There are 2 slides here and this is the old one.
This was the only slide when I first came here. The line here is usually long that time.
This is the new slide, they were constructing it when I was here before.
It's more stiff and the slide experience is more exciting! More adrenaline rush!
This is where your heart starts to beat faster. It's a bit scary but don't worry, it's safe coz you're wearing
a life vest and there are to safety crew manning the slide. One on top and the other one at the end below.
Me on the slide.
That's my father, after this shot my GE cam's battery got exhausted. lol. 
Oh yah. It's not allowed to take pictures of people on the slide. lol. And someone is a badass taking these pics. lol.
checkout the cliff under the sea. ahaha. That's where they got the "Home of Abyss" name.

Adults are not suppose to use this facility. lol
Someone's plan failed lol. 
This is the back draft for their stage. It's decent and close to our cottage so we took advantage of it and took lots of pictures. ahaha.
My happy family! 

We are on our way back to the boat. The call time is 4pm before the boat leave back to Santa Ana port.

For those who wants to enjoy a day here, here are some of the rates I know:
Boat fare(1 way) - 75
Resort Entrance fee(canopy walk included but during weekends only) - 200
Rice - 20/cup lol. We got short in our rice.

For more info just visit google them or visit there facebook page here.

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