Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Island Hopping: Funny Pics

The main character on this photos is April, she's the kind of person who doesn't like to be pictured. Every time she noticed someone is going to take a picture of her she immediately move the other way or hide her face. Here are some the proofs:

So I took a picture of her from a distance behind the bench. I have to position my DigiCam in between the holes of the bench for her not to see the cam. And i got this shot, super gotcha!

And this is the funny edited version of the photo. I used PhotoScape's object functions and play with the cartoon pics. By the way, the guy with the beautiful eyes is James and we call him Master. He is the "Maniniyot" of our group, its the Pinoy term for photographer.  He is damn funny in this pic. LOL.

Dady Long Legs on the DigiCam and PhotoScape, April and James on the pics.


James said...

hahahahhaha! salamat bai! giladlad nimo akong tunay na pagkatao.. xoxo! :*

i'm free!! hahhahha! :)))

Dady Long Legs said...


rej said...

cge ko katawa.!
ausa woie..