Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lechon Turkey for Kol Arnold's Birthday

If my blog can talk, it will surely scold me for hours. Whew, it is been ages since my last update. But as one wise someone said, it's better late that never!

That's a turkey by the way. Kol Arnold's family raise a few of these and sells them for extra income. Normally, he feeds them so they'll grow and become fat fit for a good price. But on his birthday, he was placed in an uncomfortable situation. There was no other person to kill these birds for him so he did it himself. As what he said while we were eating, these turkeys looked at him while he was slitting their throats. That event made him a little teary, I guess. One morning he was feeding them, then in the afternoon he's killing them for his visitors. Ahahah. I felt sorry for him but honestly speaking, Kol Arnold cooked one fine lechon turkey. It was very delicious and the aroma kinda reminds me of my childhood. When I was young and we hunt birds and try cooking our game ala lechon style. Lol. 

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